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Click here to view the Christian Singles site of Shana Schutte.

Click here to view the Christian Singles site of Shana Schutte.


Tall, slender, 58yr young, lovely inside & out lady wants 2 to meet men 55+ for conversation, laughter, & outdoor activities. Possible commitment. I'm energetic, intelligent, fun loving, never bored, interested in many things, a kid at heart. I delight in GOD, his word, his faithfulness, his plan. I'm creative. Like art galleries, photography, live theatre, designing my yard. Love the outdoors- fishing, hiking, swimming, camping, golf, travel, and exploring. Can we learn to fly fish together? Carry a canoe into a high mountain lake & paddle around for hours? I value honesty, integrity, simple times you can’t put a price on and a sense of humor. I know what’s important in life & am interested in your heart & soul. Never thought I would do this but it's hard to meet like minded men my age. There is still so much living to do. Life is glorious-want to share. Lets get 2 know each other slowly. Write me: watchthesunsetwithme@gmail.com


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