IMCNews Publisher Dr. Anthony Harper Prayer Requests

Here are my following updated prayer request items:

1. Pray for my wife and I for legal victory at the Ada County Court, Idaho Supreme Court and Federal Court regarding my auto accident injuries. We need financial help to pay for a good attorney to represent us. Also, please pray for GOD's blessings of restoration for my family in crisis.

2. We need help paying off our replacement ministry vehicle.

3. On Monday, November 19 of 2012, I was approved for travel with the White House Press Corps on Air Force 2 whenever President Obama or other White House representatives are traveling and would appreciate your prayers that a door would open up for me to be directly with the President on Air Force 1 for his trips internationally and/or domestically. Pray that I will be able to ask questions that represent our Christian concerns. For those who can help fund my trips to travel on White House trips, please call me in Boise, Idaho at (208) 703-8688.

I plan on attending White House Press conferences. Please pray that President Obama will be there and call upon me and that I will ask the question GOD wants me to ask. Also, do you know of anyone who could sponsor my travel and housing cost - I need to raise $1,400 to cover my airfare, motel and other travel expenses. Donations are tax deductible and can be made online at our following web site by clicking on the 'Donate' button:

5. Pray for my health - the doctors have diagnosed me with Mild Traumatic Brain Injury and Obstructive Sleep Apnea. In addition, I need healing in my left shoulder because of a previous surgery.

6. Pray for me in raising support as a Southern Baptist Chaplain for my ministry to help individuals and family in need and for my raising support for our InterMountain Christian newspaper to serve Christians in our intermountain area.

7. Please pray for me and my family regarding the recent loss of our mother Kathryn - pray for GOD's comfort and strength. We miss our mother so much.
Click here for her memorial web site.

8. Please pray for donations that are needed to build the first Christian hospital mission in the United States for kids on drugs - click here to learn more about the Children of Hope Family Hospital.

9. Pray for the family of the well known painter Thomas Kinkade who recently passed away - the following web site has his memorial:

10. Pray for the support for our newspaper ministry and spread the word to all your Christian contacts. Please share our support web site link:

11. Our radio program is now broadcast via and you can listen to our radio program on your telephone 24/7 by calling 712-432-5888.

Our Radio program on KSPD has been cancelled for now, but do hope to start up again either on KSPD or another local radio station.

Consider supporting our InterMountain Christian News Hour radio program. Please call (208) 703-8688 for more detailed information and to make your pledge. All donations are tax deductible to our non profit 501 c3 newspaper ministry. You can also make your donations online by clicking on our 'Donate' button below: